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BMJ: Fitness apps don’t improve health – and could be harmful

Fitness apps and wearable devices are all the rage these days, but as the click-bait headline suggests, they’re not always a good thing.

More on ownCloud

Some time has passed since we last spoke about ownCloud, so it’s probably time for a bit of an update.

Your Samsung SmartTV Is Spying on You

If George Orwell wasn’t already spinning in his grave after the surveillance news we’ve had this week, he’s probably rotating fast enough to generate electricity by now.

The rise of the driving vigilante & the internal conflict inside

Policing budget cuts and rising insurance costs have led to some road users taking the business of collecting evidence into their own hands. The question is, does this put us at the top of a very slippery slope?

Nick Clegg on snoopers charter attack

In the light of the attacks on staff of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the Tories have started talking about the “Snoopers Charter” again.


You may have noticed that it has been almost a month since my previous post.  Well, perhaps some sort of explanation is in order.

Portland enlists data from Strava to make cycling safer

Here’s an interesting trend that we are starting to see –town planners using data from smartphone apps to plan infrastructure improvements, such as bike routes.

OS X bash Update #Shellshock

The widely publicised flaw in Bash dubbed Shellshock is pretty old news now. Linux distributions were patched a while ago through the various package managers and I’m pretty sure BSD has been patched too. However, not so OSX.


Guess what, there’s yet another social network in town, hoping to steal Facebook’s crown. It’s called Ello…

Wahoo Blue SC – Bicycle Cadence & Speed Sensor

When you first dip your feet into the strange world of cycling, you’ll discover that as pastimes go, it’s geek heaven.

Apple releases U2 album removal tool

During Apple’s recent iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement, they also revealed that every iTunes customer would get U2’s latest album for free. A free album you say, what could possibly go wrong?

Google buys Lift Labs & Their Amazing Spoon

Good news everyone! Lift Labs, the people behind the inspiring Liftware Spoon, has been acquired by Google.

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