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Owncloud: Permissions error during upgrade

If you have been trying to update Owncloud through the update tool in Admin, but you’ve been getting errors relating to having write access to the server, read on.

WordPress, HTTPS and Caching Troubles

One of Google’s latest algorithm changes is to include HTTPS as a ranking signal, meaning that any website that offers a secure connection to its visitors gets ranked slightly higher.

Livedrive facing legal action after closing cloud backup accounts

If you were ever looking for a perfect example of why you should not trust any profit-making business with your data, Livedrive is it.

Fun with WordPress and SSL…

You may have noticed that I’ve been trying to get this site working under HTTPS. Unfortunately, there has been a few obstacles along my path that has prevented the https side of this site working without throwing up errors complaining… Continue Reading →

Ditching Linux for Windows? The truth isnt that simple, says Munich

Reports of Munich ditching Linux for Windows have been greatly exaggerated. Earlier this week the rumour mill was jolted into action by suggestions that the city of Munich, after its much talked-about switch to its home-grown LiMux distribution, was about… Continue Reading →


Hollywood legend and typewriter obsessive, Tom Hanks has released an app.

Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state

Some food for thought from Hubertus Knabe, someone who was spied upon by the Stasi.

The Open Source Camera

The concept of an open source camera is one that makes me feel slightly weak at the knees.

Russia gang hacks 1.2 billion usernames and passwords…

A Russian group has hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses, according to Hold Security – a US firm specialising in discovering breaches. Hold Security described the hack as the “largest data breach… Continue Reading →

Russia enacts draconian law for bloggers…

Russia has enacted a new law that will force popular bloggers to register with a mass media regulator and be bound by the same regulations.

Smart home kit proves easy to hack, says HP study

Ahh, the internet of things…such possibilities…for hackers anyway…

Getting Fit with your Phone

If you ever wanted to motivate yourself to get fit; to track what you are eating or try to out-ride your friends, there has never been an easier time to do it.

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