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Are the Mayan’s right about 2012?

It could easily be dismissed as nothing but hoodoo, but every now and again I see something that makes me wonder about the future of humanity. I think the Mayan’s may be onto something with the 2012 winter solstice…. Continue Reading →

New Retina Display MacBook Pro RAM is Soldered In

One of the highlights of WWDC yesterday was the announcement of the new thinner, lighter MacBook Pro’s complete with a new “retina” display. One of the features they may have glossed over however, is the fact that the RAM modules… Continue Reading →

Getting ready for the end of the world – Part 1 – The Cause

With the financial markets in ruins, the stock market taking a dive and the western world owing more money than it is able to produce it doesn’t take too much imagination to come to the conclusion that our way of life is in a bit of a state of flux. Fortunately the arts world has long been foretelling this sort of scenario, so there are at least a number of ways to mentally prepare for such eventualities. There are a number of movies, books and computer games out there to help you get your mind ready for a transition from a time where many of us can waste food, can’t hunt, know little or no self defence and know little more than how to do make coffee and use MS Word to a time where we have to hunt, kill or be killed.

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