Oh dear, oh dear, it looks like the Gnome project has developed Windows 8-itis.  Linux User’s rather damning review suggests that just like the new Windows 8 UI, Gnome 3.6 isn’t fit for purpose if you are a desktop user.

GNOME tells us that they’re listening to user feedback, but the results of 3.6 seem to say otherwise. While touchscreen devices are slowly gaining market share, PCs and Laptops still make up the vast majority of systems that can even use GNOME. However, GNOME 3 is just no longer for desktop use.

And don’t get us started on Nautilus.

via GNOME 3.6 Review – Against the Grain | Linux User.

The trouble is, Windows 8 has more than a snowball in Hell’s chance of making it onto a tablet device, but sadly the same cannot be said for Gnome.

In an ideal world I’d like to see Open WebOS on a new device before Gnome, but that doesn’t sound like it is going to happen either.

Linux needs to be ready for when Windows 8 lands and everyone starts running for sanctuary elsewhere.  This is not the right way to go about it.