Ted Forbes’ hugely successful (and awesome) Art of Photography podcast is into its fourth year now, but in order to keep things Fresh, Ted has put out a call for applicants to its new “Advisory Committee”.

Potential applicants will need to have a broadband connection, be on Google+ and  be into photography in a big way.

I do need you to meet a few technical requirements. You need to have a computer, web camera, Google Plus account and broadband connection set up. We will have quarterly meetings using the Google hangout feature to discuss topics related to the show. If you can get these set up then great – you have what it takes. You also need a strong passion for photography. It needs to be part of your soul. I need people who don’t always agree and are willing to explore different viewpoints.

If you’d like to put your name down, head to the Art of Photography website for the details.

Ted, still waiting for that Alexei Titarenko podcast…