When Bryan Lunduke isn’t being the animated & opinionated co-host of the Linux Action Show, he’s busy developing & selling his own applications & games, including the Illumination Software Creator and Linux Tycoon.

However, despite being a Linux advocate, his software is closed source (see, it is possible to combine the two!). Obviously he’d like to open source them, but that would potentially disrupt his income stream unless he can attract donations from the community.

In order to fund active, full time development we need to pull together $4,000 USD per month in subscriptions. This will allow me just enough to get by and focus on creating Open Source software. One time contributions can then cover operating costs (equipment, servers, etc.).

It sounds like a reasonable request & he is trying to be as transparent as possible. However, even if he doesn’t attract the donations he needs, the exercise may prove to be a valuable learning exercise for the open source community. You rarely hear about the economics of moving from a closed source model to open sourcing software and taking the potential hit on sales. His experience of the process will make for interesting reading.

Having said that, there is nothing stopping Bryan from releasing the source code & continuing to charge for compiled binaries & support. Not all users have the knowledge or patience to compile from source and would prefer to have a convenient package to download.

The other option is a Kickstarter project to fund the whole thing…