You can’t have too much Portal 2, so an excuse to dust it off once more is fine by me.  You can read about what I thought of Valve’s stunning creation here.

Anyway, the free DLC appears to be a level creator, allowing fans to devise ever more fiendish puzzles and share them with other fans.

The simplified puzzle creator will let players easily carve out their creations in a straightforward but powerful way. They’ll then be able to immediately upload those levels to their Steam Cloud and share them with other players online. We’re also building a community site to host all of these player-created puzzles. The site will allow players to quickly find new puzzles and add them to their game, ready to play, with a single click. Players will then be able to rate the puzzles they’ve played, leave comments for puzzle creators, and follow creators they like.

It’s out on May 8th…which is nice.