A new version of WPTouch Pro has been released, which fixes a number of bugs, adds iPad ad support and more.

Unfortunately, if you’ve arrived here using a mobile device you may have noticed a bit of an issue with embedded video in some of my other posts. I use Jetpack short codes to embed video from YouTube and Vimeo, but with WPTouch 2.6 the videos appear in a narrow banner across the page.

I’ve yet to try conventional embed code to see if that works any better, but there certainly seems to be a problem with using the short codes in any case.

The solution involves uploading a text document containing some custom CSS as described here, but until I can get to a desktop with an FTP client the embedded video on dozens of posts on this site will look odd.

The normal desktop view works fine however, so I’d be grateful if you would scroll to the bottom of the page to switch to the desktop view until I get it fixed.

All credit to BraveNewCode for responding so quickly to my support form post. Their customer service has been hard to fault so far. It’s just a pity that the update is having teething problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


We’re all patched up, so the videos on this site should be working for you now.