Kvenel the tongue

As with previous Skyrim posts, such as Getting to the Greybeards and Morokei, I really don’t want to ruin your journey, so if you don’t want help defeating this guy please stop reading now.  If you want to come back to us when you get to this point, feel free to bookmark this page and come back later.  If you are here looking for help, please read on.

Right, unless you are a walking beast with a level in the mid-high thirties, Kvenel is likely to cut you to ribbons if you get too close to him, so the ranged approach is best.  Select your finest bow and a number of arrows – enchanted bows are helpful here, but a high damage score is also useful.

Where you first see Kvenel is when you’ve reached the end of a long narrow passageway after passing a fireplace with a toasted human hunched next to it.  Kvenel will be sat in his throne and there will be a draugr pacing around, keeping watch.

You’ll want to take out the draugr guarding him first.  The best way to do this is to fire an arrow at him to lure him over without attracting the attention of Kvenel himself.  You shouldn’t have too much trouble with the draugr but make sure you take him down without being seen by Kvenel.

Now, with your bow out and in sneak mode, fire an arrow at Kvenel and as soon as you know you’ve hit him, head back towards the fireplace.  You see, he probably won’t come right at you. Instead he’ll head up some steps at the other side of the room he’s in, jump down into the passageway you are on and emerge from behind you.  You’ll need to race him back there and make sure you are beyond the point where he drops down into the passageway before he gets there.  As long as he doesn’t see you, he’ll keep running back to where you were when you shot him and then wander slowly back to his throne.

Once he has returned to his throne, you simply need to repeat this process until he turns into a puddle of blue gloop on the floor.  This will take a while depending on your archery skill level and any perks you may have, but its a good way of doing it without taking any damage.