Falling out of love with Facebook

There’s a good post here on WalesOnline talking about how Facebook may be starting to do a bit of a Myspace and heading into decline.  It links back to the Inside Facebook findings that emerged the other week, suggesting that the UK and some other areas are spending less and less time on Facebook.  It had to happen sometime.

I know I’ve certainly started weaning myself off Facebook, not that it has been difficult.  A few of my friends have also started pulling away from it, often moving their focus to Twitter instead.  There is also Diaspora as an alternative.  If you’re not on there, I have a few invites going spare.

Facebook has become every bit as noisy and unpleasant as the real world that it used to shelter us from.  Whether it be those bloomin’ applications that send to everyone on someone’s friend list and litter your “wall” or a couple of your more “turbulent” friends who like to air their dirty laundry in public.

It is still a useful place to get in touch with people, but the novelty is certainly wearing off.  Mr Zuckerberg’s ever more ingenious ways of mining your personal information certainly isn’t endearing me to it.

5 thoughts on “Falling out of love with Facebook

  1. Any chance of a diaspora invite? Been following their progress for the last 6 months or so and starting to think it might be worth joining!

  2. Facebook never seemed trustworthy to me; so I never joined. And yet it still taunts me, with exciting events and social connections that seem unavailable elsewhere.
    But each time I read of their contempt for peoples data I feel vindicated in my stand against them.

    But Disapora could be interesting…

  3. Diaspora will be interesting, once it has many of the features people expect from Facebook.

    I performed Facebook suicide earlier this year. I feel much better for it. I get my fix from various forums and Twitter now.

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