If you feel as though you are missing out on some of the Webkit love in KDE4, you may be interested to know that you can switch Konqueror’s rendering engine to Webkit with a few easy steps.

For the uninitiated, Webkit was originally a fork of KHTML and the KDE Javascript Engine. Apple took the original KHTML code, worked with it a bit and then used it to underpin their Safari browser and Mac Mail. They also released the source code so that other developers could use it. As a result it is also a substantial part of the Google Chrome browser and also the browser within Valve’s Steam client. Given Apple’s enormous wealth and large development team, Webkit left its original KHTML parent behind. There’s a bit more background here on Ars Technica.

If you are running Kubuntu 10.04 with KDE 4.5, all you need to do is follow the instructions on this post on Digitizor.

If you are still running KDE 4.4, you’ll want to go here for instructions on how to upgrade.

You should start to enjoy a boost in speed at the end of it all. The Ars Technica article linked to above refers to an unforking of Webkit & KHTML. It’ll be interesting to see if the lines blur between them and maybe see more of Webkit on the KDE desktop in the future.